Ganzhou Juxin Mining Co., Ltd.


Ganzhou Juxin Mining Co., Ltd., founded on November 4, 2014, was renamed from Nankang Jinxin Mining Co., Ltd., formerly known as Ganzhou Zhongxin Mining Co., Ltd. Ganzhou Juxin Mining Co., Ltd. is a new private enterprise integrating the trade, smelting, processing, sales and scientific research of tungsten and molybdenum products. On the basis of making full use of the advantages of local mineral resources, the enterprise has transformed from primary products to deep-processing products and diversified products, adopted high and new technology and adhered to green environmental protection to deeply process products, so as to realize multiple value-added. The enterprise was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in December 2018. At present, the products operated, produced and processed by the enterprise mainly include tungsten concentrate, APT, tungsten oxide (yellow tungsten, blue tungsten), tungstic acid, molybdic acid and other mineral products. The products are exported to more than ten provinces and cities such as Hunan, Sichuan, Zhejiang and Fujian.

The enterprise moved from Nankang to Shuixi Industrial Park, Zhanggong District in October 2016. It will be constructed in two phases. After the completion of phase I, tungstic acid and molybdic acid will be used as the main products. After the completion of phase II, tungsten oxide (yellow tungsten and blue tungsten) is used as the main product. A total of 233.1 million yuan has been invested in the project (including 135.64 million yuan in phase I and more than 90 million yuan in phase II). Phase I project is designed to produce 12000 tons, with an annual output value of 300 million yuan.

Under the background of the national strategic idea of "recycling resources and developing circular economy", the company takes efficiency, environmental protection, economy and energy conservation as the core values, takes ensuring that each resource can realize its value as its social mission, takes promoting every employee to share the company's achievements as its purpose, and takes benefiting employees, repaying the society and building Juxin brand as its business philosophy. The management of the company is familiar with business methods, adheres to integrity, bases on reality and focuses on the long term, integrates the modern operation and management system into the operation of the company, and constructs a relatively perfect production, management and sales system. In addition, the company continues to carry forward the spirit of "honesty, trustworthiness, innovation, progress, excellence and returning to the society".

Aerial view of Juxin Mining
Fine Workmanship
the company guarantees rigorous product quality.
Flexible cooperation
the company can formulate exclusive cooperation methods according to the actual situation of customers.
Excellent quality
the company can carry out customized production according to different needs of customers.
Professional industry
the company specializes in the production of APT 20 years and has rich experience.
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